Official announcement

  • In the past few months, we have been looking for new partners to help GOLD NUMBER ONE(HK) handle bank transfer transactions. Now, after months of hard work, we formally announced that we will resume the Hong Kong dollar transfer service in phases. Why we can't cryptofundex recover all Hong Kong dollar transfers immediately? Our bank partners are unable to handle large amounts of withdrawals and deposits effectively, leading to serious delays in transfer. We have also received a large number of customer complaints. Therefore, the resumption of Hong Kong dollar transfer will be implemented in phases to ease the pressure on our system and allow our new bank partners to have time to adapt to the transfer requirements. Current timetable (tentative) August 1 - August 29, 2018: Users who have successfully deposited cryptofundex in the past can use the Hong Kong dollar deposit service We will refund all of the funds to users who have not completed to successful withdrawal service. User may need to apply again. Users who have successfully deposited cryptofundex users in HK dollars or US dollars in the past and passed the verified Hong Kong bank accounts, Priority can be have withdrawal service with a maximum weekly limit of HK$30,000 After September: All authenticated cryptofundex customers can use U.S. dollar deposit service All authenticated cryptofundex users who hold a Hong Kong bank account can use Hong Kong dollar or U.S. dollar withdrawal services up to a maximum of HK$30,000 per week Why is the withdrawal service delayed? Because cryptofundex is subject to daily and weekly transfer restrictions, all outstanding new transfers will be postponed until August. 2018-05-28 00:00:00